Pedometer Walking Stick


Now, the $99.95 Pedometer Walking Stick is something that folks should have thought up of in the first place, but somehow or rather, no one came up with it until the folks at Hammacher did. As the name implies, this walking stick boats of a built-in pedometer which is more than capable of tracking steps, distance, time, and calories. It is constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, where the stick itself will assemble from two halves, twisting and locking into place without taking up too much of your time. Right below the handle on the shaft itself lies the pedometer that will activate automatically whenever its rubber tip strikes the ground.

This pedometer will then get to work, measuring every other step that is taken during a walking session while showing off the elapsed time. Whenever you stop, the pedometer will pause its counting to ensure accuracy. The display also shows off the total number of steps, calories burned, and distance in 10ths of a mile. With a contoured ABS handle that includes a polyester wrist strap and an upper shaft that has been coated with rubber for a comfortable grip, you know that the Pedometer Walking Stick is not poorly thought up of. There is also an LED light that clips to the shaft so that it can help illuminate walkways, or you can use it to flash a warning signal by blinking.

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