Toilet Tablet Tool

One of our most popular posts in January was the iPotty, the children’s potty training toilet with built in iPad stand. Who would have suspected there were so many potty training apps out there!? CTA Digital carries the iPotty which received loads of press during CES. CTA also distribute a more adult version of a toilet tablet device. And I am willing to bet many of you will say ‘I need that.’

Take your iPad in the john or anywhere you may sit. Welcome to the iPad Pedestal Stand complete with a toilet paper roll holder. Face it, we take our tablets anywhere we have spare moments. Bathrooms are certainly not exempt. But rather than holding your iPad in your hands, go hands free! Set it up and sit back and…errr…relax. And of course you can store your TP too. Bend the stand any direction necessary – whether in the loo or not. The 10” gooseneck also allows you to adjust the viewing angle and orientation. And the chrome finish means it will fit any environment. iPad 2 and iPad (3rd & 4th gen) fit in the holder. The TP contraption is optional by the way. So the stand works wherever you need it. You, and your bathroom, can get hooked up with this holder on Amazon for $44.99.