Terrarium Desk lightens the mood

I am quite sure that folks who live in a tropical country, where it is basically summer all year long, would not be able to identify with the kind of depressing fog descend on one’s mind, body and soul when winter arrives, and the day is shortened considerably. In fact, if one were to remain indoors all day long, working and hacking away on a computer keyboard, that kind of condition will also run the risk of annoying issues arising, especially during the aforementioned winter months. Bear in mind that the lack of sunlight as well as absence of nature will result in a naturally depressing effect, and while it is not possible to work on your notebook in the freezing cold by the lake, how about bringing the “outdoors”, indoors? This is just what Daniel Zeller thinks the doctor ordered, hence coming up with his Terrarium Desk.

The Terrarium Desk is the brainchild of Zeller, as it stemmed from his love for green products as well as his proclaimed desire to “green up my apartment.” After reading his fair share of creative content online while gaining inspiration from the creative efforts of other folks over on Pinterest, Zeller finally gained the relevant boost to come up with the Terrarium Desk. Zeller’s day job is a mobile app developer in Norway who spends plenty of hours at his desk, and this has fueled his determination to add some greenery to his working environment.

Apart from using regular, locally-sourced wood which was artificially aged using “a combination of a blowtorch, steel scrape and wood stain,” the Terrarium Desk comes with a tabletop made from tempered glass, and drawers on each side are made from regular cut glass. Within the Terrarium Desk lies plants like Hedrea Helix, Campulana Portenschlagiana, and other Ikea-sourced greenery. Watering is done once a month or so, making this an extremely easy piece of furniture to upkeep. It seems as though it is going to remain a personal piece of furniture, as Zeller is not ready to commercialize this idea just yet.