Charge with Body Heat


Think about how much power our bodies generate. We are truly machines, constantly taking in energy and burning or storing it for future use. We rely on electronic devices for so many parts of our life, all of which have to be plugged into a power source. It seems logical that we should be able to harness the energy in our body and funnel it towards electrical uses. Many have tried and it finally looks like someone succeeded in making an efficient device to do exactly that.

Fujifilm recently revealed a high-efficiency Thermoelectric Converter in a flexible film format. The thought is the substance attaches to our skin and immediately begins producing electricity from the heat you give off.  Fujifilm’s particular polymer can be manufactured via printer too, which enables virtually any size or shape film. Solar power could be added to the film to enable even more charging.  Imagine running low on phone power, applying this film, plugging into the phone and letting your body heat charge your device. OK, maybe that is far off. Medical devices would probably be the first to experience this au-natural charging product. Live demonstrations of the product are occurring at trade shows so hopefully some manufacturers will take note. And maybe someday our body heat will charge our lives.


Thanks: Daily Mail

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