Transparent Cell Phone on the Horizon

Transparent anything is cool. Seriously, things that are see through automatically scream ‘futuristic’ based on all the sci-fi shows and movies that used transparent props. They sort of defy all logic, especially when technology is involved. Yet liquid crystal technology and its constant switching open and closed are being put to use to make a transparent phone possible. Which makes me wonder, will we someday lose our phones because we literally can’t see it?

A few companies, including, Polytron Technologies are working to produce a transparent smartphone. Their Smart Glass technology looks cloudy white. But when powered on the switching molecules open up and the device becomes opaque. Obviously other technology in the phone (SIM card, SD card, battery, speaker, camera) are not transparent. Polytron anticipates having an opaque filter to cover those less sexy spots. Working prototypes are expected this year and with any luck Polytron will find some interested phone manufacturers and become an OEM partner. So keep an eye out (if you can see them) for transparent phones in the near future.

Thanks: Mobile Geeks

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