Small Phone, Big Peace of Mind

Some people really don’t need a cell phone. Seriously. A 5 year old kid does not need to have a phone. Elderly folks are another market that does not necessarily benefit. If your parents or grandparents are like mine they have an old school cell phone but never have it on. Hhhhmmmm, sort of defeats the purpose. But there are definitely reasons that young ‘uns or elderly may have a need to communicate. In emergencies or when they get lost a phone can be a savior. Many manufacturers have attempted a minimal button phone. Yet none have taken off. Are they still too complicated?

An Irish company wants to try to keep the hassle to a minimum for children or the elderly with a simple, cell phone-like device that eliminates any complexity. The Swish Mini Phone claims to be the smallest cell phone in the world. About the size of a 6th generation iPod Nano, Swish contains 4 simple buttons.  Two are programmable to the numbers of your choice. One button is used for hangup. The fourth button (SOS Panic) will continuously dial your two programmed numbers until a connection is made. To make a call simply press a button and the device automatically goes to speaker mode. The kids can reach mom or dad with a single button touch or elderly can call their caretakers when needed. The Swish also comes with built in GPS, so the users location can be detected. 72 hour standby time or 90 minutes of talk time before charging give plenty of life.The Swish Mini Phone operates on GSM networks and can be purchased at the site of Swish Arthouse Studio for €285 (about $380 US). Pop in a SIM card and you can give yourself and the more vulnerable people in your life a little peace of mind with The Swish.

2 thoughts on “Small Phone, Big Peace of Mind”

  1. Not too complex–too EXPENSIVE. They want almost as much for these as for an unlocked smartphone! For a dumb phone restricted to two numbers! That has to be charged every 3 days when it ISN’T being used!

  2. Good looking phone, very good youtube video, just the kind of thing for elderly etc, at least there is an alternative for kids and seniors. It is a bit pricey but I suppose it’s the peace of mind that you don’t get with an iPad!

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