A High Tech Toilet

Most every part of our world has been touched by technology. It keeps us entertained, enbles communication and socializing, it keeps us safe and informed. The toilet will even feel the impact of tech.  Yes, I’m writing about a toilet. But trust me, it is cool.

The plumbing hardware masters at Kohler want your toilet experience to become the next technology-impacted part of your life. The Kohler Numi toilet brings stylish design and state of the art engineering together into a unique package. Numi includes features like hands free (motion activated) opening and closing plus articulated cover movement so you never see the bottom of the lid. The heated seat means you avoid the cold shock we have all encountered. A warm air vent on the bottom also keeps your foot space heated. Control the temperature and pressure of the self-cleaning bidet as you need to. The most impressive part about Numi is the touch screen remote which controls all of these functions mentioned and more. Choose your flush (½ or full), set up different user preferences and even plug into the auxiliary jack on the remote’s wall mount which then plays through the speakers on the back of the unit. Yes, tunes on the toilet. And of course included lighting will guide you to your seat in the dark. Numi performs too – being Kohler’s lowest flow and quietest commode – and is EPA WaterSense certified. Obviously the design of the Numi matches the technology within. So much so that it actually fits in the lifestyle pictures with fashionable models in a sleek L.A. home. Brace yourself for the price tag: $6,390. Yes, a six thousand dollar toilet. But for the person who has everything they can add some tech to their toilet time.