What Leia Had Under Her Robe?

Ever wonder what Leia, Obi Wan, Yoda or any of the others had on under their robe? You figure it had to be comfortable to be so mobile and agile (well except Yoda). A creative contributor to instructables.com decided that a shoe-inspired tribute to one of our favorite droids is within anyone’s reach. ‘Mikeasaurus’ took his knowledge of R2D2 and constructed a tribute using white heeled shoes, LEDs, batteries, foam and other items. He posted the instructions for all to see and do. Now this is no ordinary construction project. An ample amount of tools (soldering iron and propane torch for example) are needed. But for the true Star Wars fanatic…or their lady friend…these R2D2 heels are a subtle and unique tribute that will turn heads. Visit Mikeasaurus’ post on instructables.com for the full ‘recipie’ on R2D2 shoes. And  maybe you can have that look that Leia maybe had under her robe!