Eye Tracking Glasses to become mainstream?


The idiot box sitting in the middle of your living room will no longer be an idiot box for long. No sir, you need not fret any more, as it is slowly gaining its brain, just like how the scarecrow wants a brain in the Wizard of Oz. Thing is, just how far will technology progress where the TV is concerned? We have already seen the TV make the slow but sure move to being a Smart TV, and here we are with SMI 3D Eye Tracking by SensoMotoric Instruments that offers insight into realistic 3D user experience, while paving the way for real-time gaze interaction in virtual environments.

Sounds like a whole lot of Greek, no? Well, I will do my level best to convey the right message to the masses then. Basically, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) from Germany is an eye tracking technology leader in their field, and has just revealed an impressive piece of technology that will certainly add a wow factor to the overall user experience when it comes to studying gaze interaction applications in virtual environments. SMI was behind the first 3D glasses with full eye tracking capability in the world, where they partnered with Volfoni, a leading provider of 3D solutions.

Courtesy of Volfoni’s ActiveEye technology, the new smart glasses are able to merge mobile eye tracking with a realistic 3D user experience. This would result in completely new insights into a user’s interaction. Take for example, when one is navigating through virtual urban spaces or while looking at 3D product designs, thanks to its full head and motion tracking support, the technology is definitely a milestone for real-time gaze interaction with virtual avatars or 3D gaming applications.

Something tells me that the world of home consoles will change drastically in the near future, if efforts like the Eye Tracking Glasses continue to blossom.

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IT Rush Says: February 5, 2013 at 8:49 am

Wow, this is going to be an interesting future ride. Keep us posted CG.

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