Wash and Dry Under the Same Tap


Dyson Tap Dryer

We have all been there. You are in an airport, mall or other public bathroom. And you typically have a carry-on bag or your shopping bags or a child to keep an eye on. You approach the sink, scrub your  hands and then peer across the room realizing that you have to traipse 10 feet away with wet hands plus bags, child, etc. to get your hands dry. You can try the shopping bag shuffle (squeeze bags between your legs and gently move them along as you walk), or you can leave your items sitting by the sink at risk of who knows what. Not real convenient or sanitary. One thing is certain, the janitorial crew will have job security as long as the pathway of drips continues from tap to dryer.

The geniuses at Dyson have apparently observed us doing these crazy techniques. They think we need to contain our shuffling. Meet the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer. Integrated into the tap is a 1400W motor which can pull in 28 liters of filtered air a second. Your paws will be dry in just 14 seconds with this Dyson power. Spinning 92,000 times a minute may make you weary of breakage. But seven years of development enabled the fan to only have 3 moving parts. No rings, brushes and other pieces to break down. These futuristic faucets will be available beginning in March at a hefty price ($1500 and £1000). But, as Dyson points out, the savings on paper towels and hand dryer machines not to mention drip cleanup – may make these gadgets worth the investment.


Further info over on the Dyson site.

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