Genius takes a second look at the Pen Mouse

What happens when you have a company that is named “Genius”? Well, obviously you would expect to see plenty of mind boggling devices being rolled out from their production lines, don’t you think so? Thing is, Genius has been a normal peripherals manufacturer for the better part of the company’s lifespan, although credit must be given where it is due – the company has certainly taken more than a step up in ensuring that some of their more recently released peripherals are worth your time – and money, of course. The latest idea that was introduced by the folks over at Genius? Well, what you see here is a carbon grey Pen Mouse that sports a redesigned shape to deliver an improved grip and pen clip for portability.

Well, the Genius Pen Mouse will communicate with your computer of choice using 2.4 Ghz wireless technology. Thing is, the Genius Pen Mouse itself has been specially shaped to resemble that of a fountain pen, and it also enables you to sit back in your chair and use your leg, palm, or just about any other kind of number of unconventional surfaces, such as a mouse pad even. Heck, it does not matter if you are standing or giving presentations, you can still make use of the Pen Mouse in order to control your PC.

Not only that, the Genius Pen Mouse is far more than just a convenient mousing option, as it will also be able to assist those who have wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. How is this possible? Well, it prevents aggravating injuries which is differently from that of regular mice since it will, in no way, require use of the wrist. The Pen Mouse will also play nice with just about any surface, sporting a trio of dpi settings that can be switched between 400/800/1200 dpi to accommodate different sensitivity preferences.

The Pen Mouse will come in new carbon grey or silver colors, at $49.99 a pop.

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