Earth Night Light


You might have plenty of money, far more than you can afford to spend in this lifetime and the next, but not everyone is able to have the privilege of being sent to space and viewing the earth from the cold, quiet vacuum that we call space. For folks who want to be an astronaut as a career path when they grow up, here is a highly affordable piece of home electronics that you can check out – the $5.99 Earth Night Light.

Yes sir, no longer do you need to fantasize about being sent to space in that uncomfortable space suit, just to see the earth illuminated from so far above in a space shuttle. Do so in the comfort and warmth of your bed with the Earth Night Light, and heck, you need not have to subject your body to the rigors of astronaut training as you will remain firmly grounded on earth, without having to contend with the lack of gravity. Not only that, the Earth Night Light should shed sufficient light in the vicinity, so that you can get up and about at night to the bathroom to take a leak so that there won’t be any toe-stubbing, cabinet-cursing sessions. Each Earth Night Light will run on a 7-watt light bulb .

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