Make Your Own Iron Man Costume?

Getting dumped sucks. It is safe to say that we have all experienced some sort of breakup in our lives. Maybe it was back in 3rd grade or maybe it was yesterday. Some poor guy in Germany recently got dumped by his girlfriend. Rather than sulk he channeled his knowledge of lasers and created an Iron Man arm piece.

Patrick Priebe, German laser gadget guru, decided to spend 130 hours and $650 to build that same mechanical device that helps turn Tony Stark into the hottest super hero of the moment. Included in the Iron Man Gauntlet, as you see in the video below, are everything from the pop up motion of the laser to the distinctive red and gold casing. Also seen in the video is Priebe blasting some balloons with the two 1.2 watt blue lasers and two 4-miliwatt red lasers.  On his website you will find other creative laser (and non-laser) devices like a Pulse Laser Gun, a Wrist Bow and a Flame Glove. Why does he create such contraptions? Mainly out of boredom so it sounds. All is not lost however as he was able to sell the Iron Man Gauntlet for over $2600. Not bad for a project to kill time after a breakup.

Thanks: L.A. Times