Easily Amplify Your Tunes

Whether at home or on the road, having speakers to hear your tunes on your phone is critical. Yet cables or even Bluetooth can prove a hassle. Near Field Audio technology (NearFA™) came on the scene last year and mystified many of us. How can a box amplify our devices audio without cables or connections? The jury is still out. Heck there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on it. Rumors are that NearFA devices use the magnetic field of a phone/tablet’s speaker and feed it into their own amp and speaker.

Regardless of the science, it sure is nice to simply set your phone on top of a box and have your audio amplified – without cables. The Touch Speaker launches this month and proves to add another stylish addition to the small family of NearFA products. This gadget, housed in a silicone protector, outputs 2.5W x 2RMS and simply takes 3 AA batteries. And with NearFA technology, the Touch Speaker is compatible with any device containing a built-in mobile speaker. Perfect if a friend or family member with a different phone want to share some music. A 3.5mm jack is also included so you’re covered that way too. thumbsUP will soon start selling the unit at £29.99. Pretty reasonable considering the ease of use. Enjoy the simplicity of hearing your devices audio effortlessly amplified.

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