Doctor Who Dalek R/C Watch

Doctor Who fans, listen up! Now is definitely not the time to back out from what is one of the cooler and more affordable Doctor Who merchandise. Heck, if you think that your other half might appreciate this a whole lot more compared to the umpteenth tie that you are getting him for this coming Valentine’s Day, then perhaps it would bode the both of you well to pick up the $34.99 Doctor Who Dalek R/C Watch.

Other than tell the time (which some would claim that this is its secondary function), the Doctor Who Dalek R/C Watch sports a detachable mini blue-colored Dalek that when placed on a flat surface and is within range of the digital watch, it can be controlled remotely using the buttons located on your new timepiece. Whenever not in use, make sure your favorite exterminator will remain attached to the watch or to a keychain.

This does seem to be quite a novel idea, and kids might just fall for it despite us being in the iPhone age at the moment. Who knows, it might just be as popular as those calculator watches with remote control capability from Casio all those years ago?