Light Your Space and Be Unique

Vintage is in! Retro anything seems to attract attention. For some of us we flashback to our younger days. Others that are too young just think retro equals cool. More unique creations pop up on the market every day. Creative types seem to be looking at what many of us consider ‘old and trash bound’ and turn it into functional products, some even gadget-y. Wish I could say I was that creative!

If you are looking for a way to stand out and charge your gadgets take a look at BOSS Lamps. A creative Canadian electrician decided to put his knowledge to use in a fun way. After acquiring a variety of parts and pieces, scraps and salvage, a line of lamps with special flare have been created. BOSS Lamps offer a sort of industrial looking retro feel for a 40W bulb. The charging station versions include a socket and two USB ports to make it not only stylish, but functional. Available to ship in the US and Canada, BOSS Lamps run from $68 to $92 and are being sold directly on Etsy. So if a combo lamp/charging station makes sense for some table in your life, take a look at a more unique solution.