Grill – Come Rain, Shine or Snow


Whether you are in the midst of Summer or in the depths of Winter enhancing your grilling never hurts. Some continue grilling all year round. Others play it more conservative and just look forward to warmer months. Brookstone offers a couple of tools that empower you to keep on grilling – regardless of the elements. And they now ship internationally.

Don’t let early darkness get the best of your cooking. Light your way and leave your hands available for the true chef-ing duties. The Handle-Mount Grill Light, $39.99, gives you LEDs to help you see your handiwork. Clamp the device onto your grill handle and adjust the direction of the light where you need it. Don’t fret if you forget to bring it in as it automatically shuts off after 6 minutes and can withstand the elements.

For the die hard grill master I recommend protecting yourself from the elements. Don’t let mother nature ruin your food or ability. Invest in a Grillzebo™! The metal roof protects you and your grill. Side tables and a hanging rack give you space for food, spices and tools. Rechargeable, overhead lights give you perspective on the whole space too. Sure, Grillzebo will cost you ($999.95) but the 8’x5’ space will be your grilling haven to make the magic happen.

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