The Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Hammacher has had its fair share of “the best” series of appliances, and here we are with yet another one today, where it will grace the kitchen counter. After all, where else would you store your knives, no? The $219.95 Best Electric Knife Sharpener is on our list of gizmos to cover for today, where it is said to produce the sharpest, most resilient edges. After all, during testing, knife blades were dulled through the running of them along cement blocks up to 100 times before testing commenced.

The blades that had gone through the Best Electric Knife Sharpener were said to chop spaghetti squash with little effort, as well as slice smoothly through sheets of paper – perhaps even putting a shade of green on Wolverine’s face along the way. As for serrated knives sharpened using this bad boy, they were cut easily through cardboard, whereas lesser knife sharpener models were unable to sharpen any toothed blades. It is said that the Electric Knife Sharpener picked up the “Best” moniker because it relied on 100% diamond abrasives and stropping discs in order to grind and polish an edge while restoring its original sharpness, and best of all is, taking a mere 10 seconds to do so. A built-in magnet will help catch knife blade shavings for an easy cleanup process afterwards, and this has proven to be one of the quietest models.

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  1. This is the Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener, available for $150 many other places.

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