Organize Your Desk Your Way


Stop! Look at or think about what is on your desk. No two desks are the same. Face it, if we all organized our desks in the same manner we would begin to represent some sort of lemming society. Desks – and their contents – help express our personalities, organization skills, and basically how our brains operate. There are tons of types including the “cluttered but fun” look/mind, the minimalist, the “waaaaay to organized” type and of course the desk that elicits thoughts of Pig Pen from the Peanuts.

A smart design house, B.A. Studio, decided that we should all have our desks organized as we choose. Whether paperclips, business cards, folders or electronic devices their MODO (MOdular Desktop Organizer) can help get you organized.  MODO consists of a bamboo base. Carved into it are a storage cutout, cable management grooves, USB slots for flash drives and peg holes. Twenty aluminum pegs are included complete with protective rubber caps. Somewhat like a puzzle – arrange MODO to fit your needs. Maybe you want a home for your tablet complete with cable space. Or maybe you need your phone displayed toward you. Then again you probably need space for pens and stuff. You pick and choose. Adaptability is MODO’s best feature so as your needs change it does too. Oh, if you need a stylus for your tablet/phone just borrow one of the pegs with a rubber cap and voila. For a $26 pledge on Kickstarter you can get MODO going and save on the eventual $34.99 retail price. Shipping is anticipated in May, and with their goal already reached it seems totally viable. Beyond that, stay tuned for where you may see MODO.