Kindle? Check. Sun? Check


I love taking the Kindle on vacation. Load up your books and boom. You are lost in a world of nonfiction…or fiction if you choose. Kindle battery life is unbelievable too. Yet any bookworm away from home may tend to run low on power. Sure if you only read 30 minutes a day you will get a month. But if you plan on not peeling your eyes away while basking in the vacation sun then you better be prepared.

From the “that make sense” file is the SolarFocus cover for Kindle. Pop your Kindle 4 (latest edition…the one without the keyboard or touchscreen) into the leather case where it is held securely. Built into the cover is a solar panel. So yes, as you sit at the pool your Kindle can recharge. It will take you 3 sunny days to fully recharge. But with the low battery usage of the Kindle I find it hard to believe anyone could run out of juice. Included inside the case is a self-housed LED light for nighttime reading. And it is charged via the solar panel too, preserving your Kindle battery for its own functions. This Solar Lighted Cover can be yours for $69.95 on or £49.90 on and be to you just in time for your winter getaway to the sun.

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