Desk Pets announce BattleTank


Desk Pets International Limited might sound familiar to some of us, as it is the manufacturer of interactive and action-packed micro-robotic toys and gadgets, where some of them include the CarBot, SkitterBot, and TrekBot among others. Well, the latest device from them would be known as the BattleTank, where it comes in the form of a palm-sized robotic tank which is said to be fully controllable regardless of whether you are using an iOS- or Android-powered device. Smartphones and tablets alike, as long as it runs on the right operating system, you can carry out your theoretical war games right there and then on the spot.

The BattleTank will arrive equipped with a couple of navigation modes that enable the tank to roam freely or charge into action to race and battle in multi-player mode. Desk Pets is said to unveil the BattleTank alongside its other released toy lines as mentioned earlier at the Toy Fair 2013 in New York City sometime next month. For the moment though, we will take a closer look at what the BattleTank is able to do, as it comes equipped with a range of play modes, sounds and maneuvers to engage you.

BattleTank sports a personality of its own, and in free-roaming mode, the BattleTank will take the helm, acting under its own direction and make quite a din with its engine-revving noises. If you want to (and most probably will, we humans absolutely love to be the captain of our own ship), you are also able to take control of the BattleTank in order to chase down an autonomous drone tank (which can be purchased separately of course), or to perform a re-enactment of your favorite tank battles with a friend.

Each successive hit from your opponent will slow down your tank, but it is a good thing that there are no shrapnel to worry about, and when you’re slower, it makes you more of a sitting duck than anything else, so if you can pull off a victory from there, it would certainly make even General Rommel, the Fox of the Desert, envious. Each BattleTank will retail for $24.99 a pop.

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