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For some of us, we would love nothing better than to unwind with a good book in hand after a particularly gruelling day at work, and this would mean three things: you would need a very comfortable sofa or chair to read your book, have some cookies and milk on the side, and of course, own a decent lamp or lighting source so that your eyes need not end up more strained than they already are after a long day at the office, staring at the monitor for hours on end.

Chances are most nooks and crannies of your home already have a lamp, but how about getting a lamp that is designed in a less traditional manner? Why not pick up the Lumio, a Kickstarter project that comes in the form of a book and also functions as a light source? It is made to function just like a book as well, where all you need to do is turn the cover, and the light within will turn on. It is powered by LEDs, and a full charge can last it up to 8 hours on the go, making it ideal to bring with you wherever you go. Thanks to its flexible nature, it can be styled a number of ways, ranging from a table lamp to a ceiling pendant and an accent light among others.

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