Future courts could feature this cool looking LED floor


There is just something about the world of Tron that captures the imagination, what with bright glowing lights drawing orderly lines from one point to another, with action packed scenes as well as feelings of love thrown into the mix for a truly epic science fiction flick. The thing is, will the fictional world of Tron cross over to the real world? Some think so, and when you take a look at the floor of the basketball court above, you will know why. There are LEDs located under the glass surface of this high tech floor which will be able to be programmed accordingly, changing to depict the lines for any other kinds of court so that it can cater to different sports as and when the need arises. Of course, it goes without saying that this unique LED-enabled floor will also be able to show off the current score via scoreboards and earn more money through the display of giant ads for all and sundry to see.

Known as the GlassFloor, it might eventually be equipped with the right kind of sensors in order for it to show just when balls or players are out of bounds, making the life of the referee a whole lot easier, and sports writers would have less things to write about as controversial decisions will no longer be part and parcel of sport.

Germany’s ASB Systembau is the company behind the unique ASB GlassFloor, where it will boast a frame of aluminum that supports a glass floor, and it can also be programmed to show off the right kind of lines for a wide range of sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, or basically, anything else that you want to play. Ceramic dots are located on the glass which will help recreate the feel of a wooden surface, and there will be special etchings to help diffuse the LED light and prevent glare from bothering multi-million dollar athletes. Show us a Lightcycle already!


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