Flexibility = Versatility in this Stand

Tablet users everywhere have unique methods to display their devices. Some people invest in super fancy and pretty stands. Some use a more simplistic stand. Others (author included) use pillows, cookbook stands or just about anything to prop up a tablet when reading, watching video, typing, Skyping. It is a wonder I haven’t trashed my pad more than I have with slipping and sliding that inevitably occurs.

1.0 Innovations offer a solution that just might do the trick for many pad users. XFLEX Tablet Stand, $99.95, is appropriately named as it gives flexibility in both how you use the device and the actual range of motion. XFLEX consists of a weighted base with two magnetic attachment points for a flexible arm to attach. The arm contains a power locking suction cup to keep the tablet secure. Collectively these pieces offer a number of different applications for using your iPad, Kindle, Galaxy or just about any tablet. Prop it up on the bed to watch a movie or read. Keep track of stats while watching the game on TV by inserting the base into the couch cushion. Display it nicely on a desk or countertop. Wedge it into the pocket of a car seat to provide in-car video. Heck, prop it on your golf bag to shoot video of your swing! The options are really as limited as your creativity. As a bonus, this guy can also attach to hard backed cases, it is TSA approved and can easily be broken down if you take it on the road. Sounds to me like a surefire way to help prevent a tablet mishap.