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One word in a particular language might mean an entirely different name in another, and I do wonder whether Genius of Taiwan did their research before they decided to christen their latest 12-Button professional gaming mouse as the flagship model for the GX Gaming Series as the Genius Gila. Basically, “Gila” means crazy, insane, or mad in the context of the Malay language, and I guess if you were to look at it positively, sometimes gamers refer to one another as having “mad skillz” which would mean they are extremely far up in the skill tree, which is meant to be a compliment. Ah well, what else do we know about the Genius Gila? Read on to find out!

The Genius Gila is a 2013 CES Innovations Award Honoree, and it is headed to the North American market, although I am quite sure that if you were to live outside of North America and want one, you can always import it. Touted to deliver unparalleled precision and comfort, the Genius GX Gaming Series Gila is also said to be the “ultimate configurable gaming mouse.” Not too sure if that holds true or not, as you would need to get used to the dozen buttons on the Gila which can be tweaked according to your preferences.

Features on the Genius Gila include on-the-fly DPI changes (200 to 8200), weights that cater to different people for the “feel” of the mouse, adjustable levels for the LED brightness, pulsation and color, in addition to programming your own macros for a personalized playing style.

FPS gamers will find the Gila’s “Sniper Mode” to be ideal, as it slows down mouse movements to a dpi of your choice as long as you hold down the assigned button. I guess this is more science than a reflex flick of the wrist, leading to less impressive shots compared to yesteryears. Who can forget those flick, fire and forget rail shots in Quake 3 that needed no sissy zoom? How about the original Half Life that saw the quick zoom in of the crossbow before letting a shot loose and zooming out to follow it up with a grenade from the machine gun? We skilled gamers didn’t need such tools, and it sure as heck impressed far more back then.

I guess things work differently now, and the Genius GX Gaming Series Gila can be yours for $99.99 if you are interested.

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