Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle

A few days ago, we heard of our neighbors living in the Great White North (that would be Canada just in case you were wondering) would be on the receiving end of the white colored PS3 from Sony, and it is comforting to know that folks living Stateside have not been overlooked. In fact, it has been announced that Sony will make available the Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle in the US, where it will be accompanied by a 1-year membership to PlayStation Plus. This is definitely one of the more pleasant pieces of news to start off the relatively young year, don’t you think so?

At least this means that folks living in the US and Canada will be able to have access to the Sony PS3 in a color other than boring old black. When you throw in PlayStation Plus that has seen more than a 57% increase in memberships since June last year, you are more or less looking at the ultimate game bundle for just about any avid video game fan. In fact, last year saw PlayStation Plus members received over 50 free and 270 discounted PS3 games, in addition to over 90 add-ons for the PS3 and eight free PS Vita games. How’s that when it comes to value for your hard earned money, huh?

This Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle will arrive in the US and Canada this coming January 27th, where it will cost you three Benjamins (that would be $299.99 if you want to be exact in your accounting). Inside the bundle, you will find the Classic White PS3 system that sports a 500GB hard disk drive inside, apart from the aforementioned one-year membership to PlayStation Plus. This gives you unlimited access to a regularly refreshed library of a dozen PS3 games alongside half a dozen games for the PS Vita, and not only that, new games will also be added each month.

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