A ChargeCard…Literally


Anyone who goes travels – whether across the globe or across town – knows the importance of keeping chargers on the ready. You never know when you may have a few seconds to charge up. Keeping the cables organized is a different story though. Personally, my travel bag always resembles a hornets nest. Between cables and headphones. Bleeeech! It’s a mess. And gosh forbid you are totally on the go and don’t have a place to put a cable. Some smart folks in California took a look at this very dilemma and came up with a perfect solution that received some attention at CES last week.

Meet ChargeCard, a compact USB charger that fits virtually anywhere in your life. These card sized units, available for iPhone 4 or 5 and in micro USB, fit in places as small as your wallet. When you need to charge find a USB port pull back the rubber tongue and plug in. Then plug the adapter into your phone or device. The USB plug snaps back into place when done charging. It functions just like any other USB cable so yes, you can sync too. As simple as the concept may seem, ChargeCard is apparently something that we all need as the project received plenty of CES press and tripled their Kickstarter goal last summer. Sometimes some of the simplest gadgets are the most helpful though! Pick up your own ChargeCard in black or white for $25. Tweet about ChargeCard and get a discount too. And leave the manic charging and crazy cable blues behind.

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