Magnetic Light Switch Covers


When it comes to making sure that your entire bunch of keys remain where they are always, there are some inexplicable moments in life when you just simply forgot where you put your keys, or for the life of you, swore that it was last put at the place you normally keep it, but for some reason or another, it is no longer there. Perhaps what you need is some novelty to ensure that something like this never happens again – and Thinkgeek’s $24.99 Magnetic Light Switch Covers ought to step in to help.

Basically, the Magnetic Light Switch Covers is pretty much self-explanatory – not only does it function as a light switch cover, it also allows you to store your keys on the light switch. Powered by neodymium magnets that ought to be able to get the job done just fine, the Magnetic Light Switch Covers are a snap to install as all you need would be a screwdriver. It will feature a nickel-plated key ring that can hold up to 27 keys, which should be more than enough for the average home.

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