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Security of your precious data is often one of the priorities to have right at the top of your computing list, and even more when it comes to giant corporations. Well, there are many ways to leak out data (unwillingly or otherwise), and here is a potential solution for those who want to enjoy private and restriction-free browsing – with the iTwin Connect. The iTwin Connect will also be able to offer the wonders of remote file access and access to the home/office network (i.e., functioning as a personal virtual private network or VPN), coming in a simple and highly portable device form factor.

Basically, the iTwin Connect will comprise of two identical halves. In order to install, all you need to do is plug the device into a USB port on the home/office PC, detach one half of the device which will then be designated as the iTwin Connect “key”, and carry that detached bit along. Whenever you are on the move, plug this key into a notebook and a secure VPN tunnel will magically be created to the home/office PC.

For the non-techies out there, there are some obvious benefits to reap from the iTwin Connect, where among them include ‘Teleport Me’, a feature that lets you browse privately and without being tied down to any restrictions. All Internet traffic will be directed via the secure VPN tunnel and the Internet is thus accessed via the home/office PC’s Internet connection.

Not only that, ‘Teleport Me’ will also provide private access to the Internet via iTwin’s dedicated network servers in US, Europe or Asia/Pacific. This bit comes across as useful should the home/office PC be in a position where it cannot be left on, and also should your browsing sessions require an IP locale that is different from that of the PC.

You can pick up the iTwin Connect for $129 a pop.

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