Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular


Have you ever thought to yourself on getting some sort of night vision gadgets after watching numerous movies and playing your fair share of video games where there is an espionage level which requires you to sneak around in the dark (and in a cardboard box, to boot!), checking out all that is going on with a pair of night vision goggles? Fret not more, that need not remain a figment of your imagination with the $179.95 Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular.

To put it in a nutshell, the Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular is a compact night vision monocular which will fit comfortably into most pockets. It is rather small and compact, being no larger than a tape measure, and is more than capable of delivering handy night optics so that you can spot wildlife in either dusk’s ambient light or the total darkness of a moonless night. Either that, or you can stake outdoors of your own home, looking at your daughter’s bedroom window to make sure no creepy dudes who sparkle in the morning make their way up the wall and enter her room only to watch her sleep. The Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular will rely on active infrared technology to illuminate subjects up to 82′ away and thanks to its CCD sensor, you get crisp black and white images. As long as the trio of AAA batteries last, that is.

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