NUU Splash, the waterproof Bluetooth speaker

I do wonder sometimes when a particular device such as a speaker is waterproof, how would it affect the way that you use other devices connected to it? Case in point, CES 2013 saw the announcement of the NUU Splash Bluetooth speaker that is clearly waterproof, helping you enjoy your favorite tunes the next time there is a poolside or beach party, but have you ever gave thought to the device streaming music to it? Is your smartphone or portable media player waterproof? Sure, this would mean additional expenditure on your part to purchase a waterproof case, but surely there are no waterproof notebooks out there – at least, not yet.

I guess this means I will just concentrate on sharing with you what the NUU Splash portable waterproof wireless speaker offers, and you will have to make the decision as to whether to bring one home or not when available. It has an integrated microphone and will work with all Bluetooth devices, manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight toughness and is IP55 certified against dust and low pressure water jets. Accessing volume and track selection controls are a snap, and it even functions as a speakerphone if you desire it to. The NUU Splash has been rated to last for up to 10 hours of continuous playback, or 240 hours on standby. You can choose from green, blue, gray, red and black colors at $99 a pop.

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