Russians build iPhone monument to honor Steve Jobs

There are just some personalities out there who are larger than life, and love him or hate him, the late Steve Jobs is definitely one of them, and he is a colossus among innovative minds in the US for the past two decades. In fact, news of his death was met by an outpouring of grief worldwide, and international tributes came flowing in, and the ripples of his death has yet to reach the end as there is a new monument built in Russia in honor of one of Appleā€™s founder.

The interactive monument would be easily identifiable even to someone living in the interiors of Africa – as it comes in the form of an iPhone, albeit it is a very, very large replica. Not only that, it boasts of a fully functional display, although it does not a full fledged version of iOS running on it, it will display a slideshow that detailed select highlights of Jobs’s life, in addition to giving us a brief history of Apple as a company. This monument can be found at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, and sports a QR code on its back that will direct you to a website dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs when scanned.