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Unfortunately, we live in a world where natural disasters are a reality. Blizzards, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rains, tsunamis, floods. The list is intimidating. Preparedness remains about our only defense in many situations. Those living in the line of such disasters have become accustomed to preparing themselves with things like food, water and sandbags. Yet our technology keeps us connected to the world. Why sacrifice contact with the outside world when life gets turned upside down by mother nature?

GoalZero, innovators of portable power systems, showed off their upcoming Yeti 150 at CES yesterday. This easily portable gadget will give you 150 watt-hours of power – enough to run your laptop all week. Run or charge devices via outlet, DC power or USB. Or to be ultra-prepared, invest in the attachable 15-watt solar panel to fill up on power when other sources don’t exist. Wall charging takes about 4 hours and solar will take a good part of a sunny day. Being portable the Yeti 150 becomes not only a natural disaster savior, but perfect for camping, picnics or wherever power can’t reach. The Yeti 150 launches later this year at about $400 with the solar panels at $200. When nature strikes be prepared to stay connected to the outside world with a leader in portable and solar power.

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