iBattz Smart Charging Adapter wireless charging system for Galaxy S3 and Note 2


If you happen to own either a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (both are fine devices in their own right), then you might be interested to check out just what iBattz has in store for you this CES. We are looking at the new iBattz Smart Charging Adapter that caters for both devices (a 2-in-1 gizmo, so to speak) which delivers wireless charging capability, doing away with the need for an accompanying bulky case or connection. This new system will come with a charging base and Smart charging adapter which will fit snugly into a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The moment the adapter is within the device, it needs not be removed – ever again. How neat is that?

Based on the universally accepted “Qi” standard, the Smart wireless charger will require a mere touch for the charging process to kick into action. The charging base will be able to tell you whether your device is charging or not, and when is it ready to be removed for use on the road. Each purchase will include an AC adapter, charging base and Smart charging adapter.

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MobilePhoneDeals Says: January 10, 2013 at 4:51 am

I seriously can’t wait till tech like this is mainstream and you simply go to bed and place your phone, tablet etc onto your bedside table and they charge, no messing around with cables etc. Will make life a lot easier

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