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iPhones have really set the bar for smartphones. Those of us that have them certainly appreciate MOST of the technology. But that darn keyboard still creates issues. Without tactile reminders of where our fingers are or what we touch our fat fingers and typing speed give ample job security for the spell check programmers.

Someone finally got smart though and found a sleek and discreet way to provide an iPhone keyboard and game controller while not bulking up the device. Check out the EX Hybrid, built for iPhone 5 and available for $59.90 at iPhone5mod. You get a case and two magnetic attachments to make your phone more comfortable to type or game. Pop your phone into the case. Then sync the magnetic qwerty keyboard or game controller via Bluetooth and let it cling to the case in portrait or landscape mode. When done simply pop the aluminum board on the back of the case, where it won’t interfere with your camera. Both attachments – each just 2mm – can stick to the phone and won’t add bulk. And either attachment can serve as a screen cover too. Be aware that the game controller is limited to working with iCade games. And the keyboard and controller each need a 1 hour charge but will get you 40 hours of use. The video below gives perfect examples of how simple the EX Hybrid is to use. If fat fingers and fast typing inhibit your keyboarding or if you prefer more space to see and play your iCade games then this magnetic solution should meet your needs.

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