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Now that the holidays are done you are probably looking back at your photos and reminiscing. Maybe it was your Uncle making a fool of himself on Christmas Day. Or perhaps the cat attacking the tree is something you want to commemorate. Whether from the last weeks or previous times all photos have a story behind them, right? Good times deserve proper dialog and humor.

The $19.99 Comic Strip Photo Frame gives you a chance to turn those memorable pics into a fun comic. With space to display 6 photos you can choose from the same event or a variety of your favorite snapshots. Included with the frame is a sheet of adhesive dialog bubbles and a marker. Once you put your photos in jot your own expressions on the bubbles and apply. “BAM” “”Ka-pow” or whatever comes to mind. You can create a comic complete with your own photos. Stickers are reusable too, so switch out your story and adjust the dialog as frequently as you want. So now your Uncle’s antics can become a funny memory and the cat suddenly exclaims “kowabunga” when attacking the tree. Whether used on your recent holiday gaffes or on a variety of your favorite pictures, make sure that you turn them into a funny memory.

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