Cavallino GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock


While not everyone is very particular about the kind of audio quality that they get from their ripped MP3 files, there are certain groups of folks who do look forward to a crisply converted file that gets as close as possible to the actual recording. Of course, a decent pair of headphones would definitely do a whole lot to accentuate the kind of music and tunes that the artist originally intended, but you cannot really share that aural experience with folks around you. If you are feeling sociable and are quite sure that the people around, strangers even, would appreciate your eclectic taste in music, then you would definitely look forward to the Cavallino GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock.

The Cavallino GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock is said to be the ultimate 2.2.1 speaker system which will bring together superb sound with luxury and style that is will not only capture the attention of many, it is also equally amazing to listen to as you lose yourself in hour after hour of audio bliss. If you are interested to see – or rather, hear, how the Cavallino GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock works, just drop by its booth at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, later this year.

Ashvin Patel, Logic3 CEO, said, “Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the recent launch of the FS1 speaker dock under the Scuderia Ferrari range, we are more than delighted to now expand the Cavallino range with the availability of the GT1 dock. At Ferrari by Logic3, hearing is believing and the GT1 promises a rich, powerful audio experience. Stop by our booth at CES to get blown away.”

You will find that the GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock does not skimp when it comes to build quality, as it makes use of premium materials that are combined with superior design, resulting in a product that delivers the ultimate luxurious experience that does not fall short of the standard that is more often than not associated with the Ferrari brand.

It will boast of a powerful 2.2.1 speaker system with an integrated 6.5” subwoofer, delivering rich sound quality which complements all music genres. The GT1 will boast of Class HD patented technology which offers ultimate power and high efficiency, where it includes a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that controls the crossover and equalization so that a natural musical tone and extended low frequency response is the ultimate result.

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