Inflatable Dalek is larger than life


What is it with inflatable representations of science fiction items? I don’t know, perhaps something that is larger than life would be enough to keep fanboys happy and stop dreaming about wishing that the fictional world of Doctor Who would merge with our reality. Well, here is the $49.99 Inflatable Dalek that will surely fulfill its purpose for this generation. As we all know, actual Daleks are way too dangerous to have around, so why not make sure that they take the inflatable route? There should be a disclaimer to go along with the Inflatable Dalek though, as it may or may not end up exterminating your family.

Standing at nearly four feet in height when fully inflated, the Inflatable Dalek is the ideal yard ornament to have that will help you ward off solicitors as well as pesky sales people who seem to turn up at your front door whenever you are about to dig in to a nice, warm meal, or in the living room so that your dog behaves after it learned on TV that Daleks are there to exterminate pests – two or four legged, it doesn’t matter. This is an officially licensed product, and it would have been cool to have it play back an audio recording that goes, “Inflatinate!”

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