Calling All Employers

If you are the boss and have employees I’ll bet we can get into a fun discussion about wellness programs. You know they help drive insurance costs down and improve overall performance. But do you really want to get that involved in the lives of your employees? Many bosses talk of how implementing wellness programs makes them feel like their employees mother. Yet it helps the bottom line.

How about a program that offers incentives without you having to nag, coach or coax? Maybe it is time for you to implement the S2H Challenge. Each participant is equipped with a pedometer which is registered online. Every time a user logs 10,000 steps they receive a reward code on their pedometer which they can use on the website for incentive rewards like gift cards or even company merchandise. All activity is tracked so you can even create other rewards (i.e. most steps in a month). Obviously the system is not free – costs are involved for setup, the pedometers, rewards, etc. No costs are revealed on their website but you can setup 6 or 12 month programs and can vary the objectives. Maybe you want to issue an around the world challenge. Or perhaps you want to walk for charity. There are plenty of options. And motivating employees to get involved in such a program can not only be good for them, but your business.