Light Your Stroller’s Way


For anyone who has taken a stroller out at night you will attest to the challenges. First of all get baby or child in and bundled up. Then play defense as you walk and attempt to determine if drivers or pedestrians can see you coming. Alerting others to your location certainly helps avoid disasters.

Jacootie Light wants to light your way when you take the little ones for a stroll. These headlight-like gadgets easily attach just about anywhere on your stroller. A quick release bracket means you can move them or take them when on-the-go. Each Jacootie Light contains 5 white LED bulbs. With 3 AAA batteries (not included) expect 100,000 hours of life. And the lights are water resistant – so no, you lose your excuse of walking in the rain or snow. With this luminance you will easily be noticed by anyone nearby. Adding a Jacootie Light essentially gives you the difference of driving with and without headlights in your car. In that respect it seems silly not to have them on any stroller. Get your Jacootie Light on their website for just $10.95 for one or $15.95 for two, plus $5 shipping. If you are parent in the stroller years I would highly recommend lighting your way. And if you know someone who is or soon will be in the stroller phase Jacootie Light makes a perfect, and thoughtful, gift.

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Brian Nielson Says: January 18, 2013 at 11:03 pm

I have 2 of these on my stroller & they are great. I was always worried about night time walks with my daughters & thought there had to be a simple device that would do it. The Jacootie light works, even better than I thought. When I run with them in the morning I strap them on the handle bars & when I stroll at night I put them on the bottom. If your a parent & have a stroller, take my advice. Pay the 15 bucks & get a set. I like them so much I buy them as gifts.

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