LG has new IPS displays in store for CES 2013

You know that CES 2013 is going to be a blast when different consumer electronics companies come together and hope to wow the world with what they are able to offer. LG of South Korea is definitely one of them, and you can expect them to have a blast at CES this year (which is just happening next week, can you believe it!), where they will parade, among many other consumer electronics goodies, their stunning UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10 monitors that feature specialized functionality and stellar IPS technology.

Yes sir, LG’s latest collection of spanking new IPS monitors will debut at CES 2013, where this high caliber range will include innovative concepts that help cater to the needs of the specialist as well as the everyday, casual user. Comprising of the UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10 range, there is something for everyone, and all three models come with IPS technology to ensure that the kind of visuals your eyeballs enjoy are exceptional to say the least. We are talking about next generation picture quality that LG hopes will be the benchmark for displays for the year ahead.

For instance, LG’s EA93 UltraWide monitor is touted to be the world’s first monitor to feature a 21:9 aspect ratio, measuring a whopping 29” in size, it delivers outstanding multitasking and multimedia capabilities. It is also an ideal replacement for your living room TV, and comes with LG’s immersive, thin-bezel Cinema Screen Design. If you need to perform some serious multitasking, then the 4-Screen Split feature would be able to conveniently divide the UltraWide’s screen into four discrete segments.

As for the Touch 10 Monitor, this is a Windows 8 optimized device that delivers 10-finger Touch Control, all 23-inches of it. This would translate to a quicker and more natural typing experience whenever you make use of the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard, and smartphone users ought to take to it like a duck to water. With so many displays to choose from, we’re spoiled for choice for 2013 when it comes to monitors.

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  1. I’m always asking myself: it’s better to have two similar monitors or just one like this? And is it comfortable to work with such huge aspect ratio?

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