Heated Massage Magnetic Cushion

Getting a massage at the end of a long and hard day at work to relieve your body of all its aches and pains is definitely one of the more enjoyable things in life, and while you cannot have a masseur come over to your home at your beck and call all the time (not to mention that doing so would wreak havoc on your monthly finances), why not rely on technology to help you get the job done? This is where the $69.95 Heated Massage Magnetic Cushion comes in handy, where it delivers infra-heat and pinpoint massage relief.

To put it simply, the Heated Massage Magnetic Cushion is a massage cushion that is capable of targeting specific areas for relief while stimulating circulation. Sporting Bio-Magnets, this unique cushion is capable of conforming itself to the body’s natural position, in order to better target specific areas of the body. There will be five massaging motors as well as a couple of infrared heat lights that will work in tandem in order to pinpoint the spots that are most prone to back tension, while energizing tissues and loosening tense upper shoulder muscles. That is not all, however, as there are other specific points contacted including the upper thigh and leg muscles, and the neck muscles.