Definitive Technology announces Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker system


Definitive Technology intends to make a splash at CES 2013 which is set to happen just next week at Las Vegas, Nevada, by making an announcement of their Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker system. This is the first Bluetooth speaker system from them, where it has been said to deliver high performance audio to devices such as tablets as well as other portable Bluetooth enabled devices connected to it. I guess this does have its place in the market, considering how devices such as tablets do not pack the relevant amount of aural punch where its speakers are concerned.

You need not worry about your tablet losing its balance and falling face forward, scratching its precious display along the way, as the Sound Cylinder comes with an innovative clip system that ensures it will securely attach the speaker to majority of the tablets out there in the market, in addition to numerous laptops.

There is more than meets the eye where the Sound Cylinder is concerned, as it also doubles up as a table stand for an attached tablet. Thanks to an integrated pivoting “kickstand”, it is capable of securely holding the device at an ideal angle when it comes to viewing and listening. Since it carries Bluetooth functionality, it will be able to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled devices, or you can always take the wired route via an audio cable to any device that has an analog audio output jack.

Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, the Sound Cylinder is said to deliver up to 10 hours of high quality listening. With a built-in side-firing subwoofer in addition to stereo speakers, listeners are able to enjoy rich, full-bodied stereo sound regardless of where they are, and Surround Array image enhancement processing creates a life-like soundstage which extends beyond the compact dimensions of the cylinder. The asking price for the Sound Cylinder would be $199 a pop. Any takers?

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