LG unveils new Cinema 3D Smart TV range


CES 2013 is the platform where LG will state their intention in the TV arena, where that is when they unveil their new range of Cinema 3D Smart TVs. It is said that the 2013 range will deliver easier content access alongside sharing capability, and when coupled with an updated Magic Remote, one ought to be able to experience a simplified, intuitive user experience. It does not matter on the kind of budget that you have (or don’t), LG should have a little bit of something for everyone. Some of the models that we do know which will break the bank and will be paraded there include LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD and 55-inch OLED TVs, where the latter is said to cost approximately $10,000 a pop after conversion from the listed price in South Korea.

There is a new and improved SmartShare feature that allows users to mirror or transfer content from smart devices to LG Smart TVs using a host of connectivity options, where among them include WiDi and Miracast. I guess there is no excuse now not to hook up something to your TV, no? The 2013 range will also enhance inter-device sharing further by implementing Tag On, where this feature is said to be able to connect a couple of devices immediately for speedy media sharing. In order to make use of Tag On, all you need to do is hold a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device against the NFC sticker on a Cinema 3D Smart TV, and voila! Magic happens, or so that is what people from two centuries ago would think.

Not only that, the 2013 range will also support LG Cloud, where LG Cloud enables folks to remotely stream high-quality content from just about anywhere they are at that point in time. Are you in the market for one of LG’s new Cinema 3D Smart TVs when they arrive? If you are, then it’d be best to work out your budget ASAP as CES 2013 is happening just next week.

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