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You know those cute and cartoonish blinking eyes that you see in comics or on the TV? Well, you might want to bring a little bit of comic relief back to your home or office. Drawing button eyes on a piece of paper, cutting it out and then putting some Blu-tack at the back and sticking it to a notice board or at the office’s water cooler area is a whole lot of trouble. In fact, it is too much trouble in this day and age where everyone is always in a hurry, which is why the $26.99 iBlink Blinking Eyes does seem to be the ideal gadget to purchase to kick off the new year with.

Basically, the iBlink Blinking Eyes are able to transform any object at home or office into a lovable character, thanks to the iBlink Blinking Eyes. It will not damage your furniture or wall paint since it is attached to suitable surfaces via suction cups, although you can always use clips with it for a more permanent place for it to literally hang out on. The iBlink Blinking Eyes will be able to cling onto walls, mirrors, windows, file cabinets, you name it, just about any flat surface will do. These eyes will blink in sync with one another at random moments, and you can even opt to dress it up with props and backgrounds such as eye brows, glasses and who knows, even a scary clown face. Each eye will measure 3” in diameter, and they are powered by a trio of AAA batteries.

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