PanoPal Smartphone Stand will help you get the perfect panoramic shot

Thanks to the fairly decent quality of camera that most smartphones possess, there are millions of photos and videos cropping up daily on various social media sites. Many of these are shot on the fly, without little care to the full quality of the photo. Just because you can slap an Instagram filter on it doesn’t mean it’s good. Possibly one of the hardest photos to get on a phone is a panoramic one.

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LG Electronics unveils LG Tone Ultra

lg-ultra-toneIn this fast paced world of technology, you can never quite tell just when will the next big thing hit the market, although there has been duds and surprises in the past. Headsets or headphones are not exactly the most exciting kind of peripherals when you think about it, but this does not mean that changes made to it have been slow. No sir, here we are with LG Electronics rolling out the LG Tone Ultra, and it so happens to be the most recent version of its extremely popular Bluetooth stereo headset. If you have a penchant for model numbers, then the LG Tone Ultra is easier referred to as the HBS-800. Do not expect it to be a normal headset, as it will be feature packed to the brim, and will definitely be able to continue from where its predecessor, the LG Tone (HBS-700/730) left off.

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Razer says, “Release the Kraken!”

razer-kraken-forgedWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, you know for sure that one name has ended up as a household recommendation to many gamers, and that would be Razer. Keyboards, mice, crazy claw-like controls, mouse mats and heck, even headphones, have become quite the area of specialty for Razer, and this time around, we have something which has been named after a famed underwater monster – the Kraken. We are talking about the Razer Kraken Forged Edition headphones that will be able to bring a careful balance between the aesthetics as well as performance.

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