Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1

When someone mentions the name “Sceptre”, what comes into your mind? I am quite sure that many of us are well acquainted with Sceptre’s range of LED TVs that deliver plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, and this has somewhat raised the confidence of the general cost conscious populace in this relative newcomer to the home theater/audio visual arena. This time around, the folks over at Sceptre has something slightly different for us as your eyes would not be the ones entertained, but rather, your auditory canals, in the form of the Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1.

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BubblePod lets you shoot 360º images

Have you heard about the BubblePod before? If you answered in the negative, here is a quick introduction to the BubblePod. The BubblePod functions as a smartphone accessory which will be able to deliver flawless 360º images in a matter of seconds, and ever since it was launched over on the famous crowd funding site Kickstarter, it managed to hit its funding goal with a grand total of 12 days left on the clock. Available at £20 a pop, the BubblePod will basically let you capture the entire scene around you, in perfect high-res 360º media to boot.

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Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan looks like a P-40 Warhawk crashed through your roof

When I was a kid, one of my dreams was to become a pilot. I blame the movie Top Gun for most of that desire, but my heart wasn’t necessarily set on an F-14 Tomcat, anything that could fly was good enough for me. Airplane, helicopter, space ship, it really didn’t matter. Naturally, this meant that I had a lot of toys of these various flying vehicles. While these things made me happy, I’d have loved just about anything flying-related in my room, including furniture.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra carries the Snapdragon 800 banner proud and high

Sony Mobile has really done their part to pull themselves up from being an ordinary smartphone manufacturer to one who has beautiful and brilliant designs, this I cannot deny. Ever since they split from the Ericsson merger, Sony Mobile’s concerted efforts have proved to be drool worthy, and their newer flagship models are always a step in the right direction. The recently announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra is set to wow plenty of people, where it boasts of being the slimmest
and largest Full HD smartphone display in the world, sporting a Galaxy Note 2-challenging 6.4” Full HD TRILUMINOS display that is powered by X-Reality for mobile engine, ensuring your eyeballs are in for a treat.

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Samsung Galaxy NX camera announced

Samsung does not only churn out brilliant smartphones (in recent years, anyways. Anyone who has used the early iterations of mobile phones from Samsung would know just how much of a recycled plastic feel there was in the beginning), but they have also moved on to other segments of the consumer electronics industry – including the realm of digital cameras. This time around, the Samsung Galaxy NX has been announced, where it holds the distinction of being the first 3G/4G LTE connected Compact System Camera (CSC). Samsung claims that it is versatile and easy to use, where the Galaxy NX would merge cutting edge optical performance with connectivity capabilities, in addition to having a slew of applications that will be able to run on an Android eco-system, where it is all crammed into a single, stylish package.

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