Holograms Coming to the Toy Deparment

What was your first impression when you saw the Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars? Seemed pretty crazy at the time. How in the world (errr galaxy far far away) did they get a 3D video to be played from a droid? It does not seem quite as crazy 35 years later. Hologram technology (a.k.a. holography) currently gets used in security (currency, drivers licenses), art, data storage and many other areas. Now it is even involved in games. Yes, games!

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Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device

Do you have trouble trying to live out the resolutions that you made when the clock struck midnight on December 31st last year? Right now, we are already in the last day of the first month of 2013, and if you have already broken your New Year’s resolution(s), take heart, there are still 11 more months to make amends for your past failures. Assuming you want to focus and pay more attention to your workout sessions, perhaps it would be good if you had some kind of device to help you out here. Utah-based entrepreneurs, Amiigo, have come up with what they call the Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device, where it is touted to elevate an ordinary workout experience to the next level.

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Apple refreshes fourth generation iPad to include 128GB memory

Regardless of whether you love or hate the iPad, I am quite sure that you have crossed paths with it at least once in your lifetime. For those who fall under the latter category of feelings, well, perhaps this bit of news might irk you more, but for Apple fans, this is definitely pleasant news that will send you scurrying back to your piggy bank, wondering whether there is enough inside to help you make the jump to an upgrade. I am referring to the fourth generation iPad with Retina display which has just been announced to receive a bump to the total amount of storage space – it has basically doubled from 64GB to hit the 128GB mark, making it an Ultrabook alternative when you think about it. All you need now is a wireless keyboard accessory to hook up to the 128GB iPad and you’re good to go.

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Samsung announces Galaxy Express smartphone

Samsung does seem to be hell bent on occupying just about every single strata of the smartphone hierarchy, ranging from entry level to mid-range and high end models. I guess they are beginning to be the new Nokia, dominating the Android smartphone market just like how Nokia used to be the final word in featurephones. Of course, the smartphone landscape is a whole lot larger compared to just Android, as there are other contenders jostling for space such as iOS, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Having said that, we come face to face with a new mid-range Android smartphone from the South Korean conglomerate, namely the Samsung Galaxy Express.

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