Three Second Heater

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, most of us are still in the thick of winter, meaning we have to don our gloves each time we go out, and for some of us, shoveling oodles of snow from the sidewalk each morning just so that we can back the car out of the garage and onto the road. Well, things indoors might be far cozier, but you would also need some sort of heating system in place as well unless you want to freeze your butt off. There are dime a dozen heaters out there in the market, but you might want to consider what the $99.95 Three Second Heater offers by basis of its name.
Assuming all goes as claimed, the Three Second Heater will perceptibly raise the temperature of a particular within a mere three seconds thanks to its infrared heating element. Tests performed by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute claimed that this heater’s 1500-watt halogen element is capable of raising the temperature nearby by 1.3ยบ F almost immediately, while the standard issue quartz models do take nearly an entire minute to warm up. Being different from traditional heating elements, infrared heat will warm the surrounding area in a similar manner that sunlight warms your skin on a sunny day, without drying out the air or lose energy to leaky ductwork. There is an oscillating fan that ensures the heat will be distributed evenly, whereas a pair of heat settings and an adjustable thermostat let users fine-tune comfort levels accordingly.