Facebook Clothing – Sort Of


As the year comes to an end and you focus on 2013 contemplate improving your self-worth. You know, join the gym and get fit. Start a book club for mental stimulation.  Plan a vacation to relax and get away. Get clothes that remind you how “liked” you are. Wha? Clothes that interact?

Some smart MIT students created Like-A-Hug, a wearable social media vest. As people Like your comments, status updates, photos or videos on Facebook the vest inflates and gives you a sort of hug. If you want to send love – or make that Like – back just squeeze the vest and deflate it. This concept clothing certainly won’t cut out the need for human interaction.  But with social media taking up a larger portion of our lives it seems that some sort of physical feeling of support or encouragement could be a nice touch. Who knows what could be next. A glove that high fives?

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ThatGai Says: January 1, 2013 at 4:10 am

ghey… jus sayin

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